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Good news: U.S. CFL bulb sales falling fast

Sales of compact fluorescent light bulbs in the United States are down 25% from their peak in 2007, according to a story in the New York Times.  Even better, shipments of these dangerous mercury-containing light bulbs are down 49% from … Continue reading

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Philipinos switching to CFL bulbs: poor hardest hit

“The Philippine government and the Asian Development Bank launched a campaign today (Sept. 26) to replace power-hungry incandescent light bulbs with more efficient compact fluorescent lamps,” according to a story at Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, one 0f the most … Continue reading

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Minnesota faces a huge mercury pollution problem from CFL bulbs

Mercury-laden compact fluorescent light bulbs will overwhelm recycling programs in Minnesota, according to Dave Dempsey at A surge in the number of mercury-bearing energy-efficient light bulbs in use in Minnesota is expected to overwhelm recycling programs in the next … Continue reading

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Light bulb disposal expertise is on the rise in Congress

Congress has gone green, according to a story in USA Today.  The House of Representatives has switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Over 4,000 of these light bulbs have been installed in Senate buildings. So when we say your Senators … Continue reading

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Manufacturers lie about compact fluorescent light bulbs

The European Union has admitted that compact fluorescent light bulbs aren’t as bright as traditional incandescent light bulbs, and that claims about the amount of light they produce are exaggerated, according to a report in the Telegraph: Buyers of the … Continue reading

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Euro light bulb ban rage is big news in the United States

NBC Nightly News ran a story last night on opposition to the European Union’s ban of incandescent light bulbs. Here is a transcript: BRIAN WILLIAMS: If you’re a fan of old-school lightbulbs – and this is the point where we … Continue reading

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The great compact fluorescent light bulb hoax

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are portrayed as the savior of our planet by environmentalists.  But the European Union’s ban on using incandescent light bulbs will cut Britain’s yearly emissions of carbon dioxide by about 0.64%, according to New Scientist.  Since … Continue reading

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Michael Hanlon skewers light bulb Eurobureaucrats

A columnist for the UK’s Daily Mail, Michael Hanlon explains how foolish it is for European bureaucrats to ban incandescent light bulbs: It’s all so dispiriting — and so utterly illogical. For while no one disputes that we must all … Continue reading

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