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Dim bulbs: Consequential failure

Here is an editorial from today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: The fate of Americans making conventional incandescent light bulbs shows the “green” future touted as U.S. manufacturing’s salvation is yet another faulty government premise. Congress effectively outlawed incandescent bulbs as of 2014 … Continue reading

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September 30 is Send Your Light Bulbs To Washington Day!

Christopher Fountain at For What It’s Worth has this idea for disposing of used compact fluorescent light bulbs: if voters from all over the country sent them to Washington – how about September 30th? – anonymously, we’d shut down the … Continue reading

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Will your insurance pay for compact fluorescent light bulb mercury cleanup?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin. The amount of mercury is large enough that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published instructions on how to safely clean up a broken CFL bulb. Russell Longcore writes at … Continue reading

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Light bulb socialism around the world

An editorial in the Washington Times describes the reaction of consumers to the European Union’s ban on manufacturing or selling incandescent light bulbs: Consumers realize the warm glow of a cheap incandescent is superior in every way to the deadly, … Continue reading

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