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A Mercurial Twist

    Washington Times Editorial January 27 2012 Obama’s Twisty Light Bulb Logic President Obama said in his State of the Union address, “I will not back down from protecting our kids from mercury pollution.” Of course, no one is … Continue reading

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CFLs, Costly and Dangerous: Can Cause Fires, even Explosions

  Thank you to Light Bulb Choice for this! Their news post, in turn links to the Edmund Contoski authored document (pdf, from the Science & Public Policy Institute, alternative source link here).   Edited blog post copy: Compact Fluorescent … Continue reading

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Light Bulb Phaseout Worse Than Reported

  January 12 Investor’s Business Daily article, with highlighting.   Light Bulb Phaseout Worse Than Reported   Environmentalism: As the light bulb phaseout goes into effect, you may be surprised to know the law also requires their already-costly replacements to … Continue reading

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Meet Mr Stinkypants!

  From the Freedom Light Bulb blog, commenting on CFL subsidies and replacement programs in relation to a recent cartoon that also takes up how manufacturers are profiting from the ban on cheap incandescents.     Meet Mr Stinkypants!   … Continue reading

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Lamp Recycling Information

        Given our emphasis on CFL safe disposal and recycling: How does one find out more about it? As they say themselves on their website, lighting manufacturers, through their trade association, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) developed … Continue reading

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…and some Humor from Massachusetts

From the Easy Opinions blog, “Opinions about the not so Obvious”   The CFL Advertising Account   Fred: Thank you Jim for landing the CFL United ad account. Let’s work out the ad campaign. Mike: I didn’t get the memo. … Continue reading

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“Poor CFL Recycling” delays Canada Bulb Ban

  As you may have heard, Canada has delayed their incandescent bulb ban or “phase out”. More about the decision can be read here. Meanwhile, the lack of recycling has emerged as a main reason for the delay…   (From … Continue reading

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Who says Germans don’t have a sense of Humor?

From Freedom Light Bulb blog post In a continued “save for posterity” effort of the German blog Otitis Media di Monaco (see earlier post), a look at his stamp collection in a GDR or for that matter EUSSR or a … Continue reading

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Recent Extensive Podcast on CFLs

In this nearly 2 hour long December 2011 Podcast software engineer turned organic Montana farmer Paul Wheaton goes over most issues relating to compact fluorescent light bulbs, from radiation sensitivity and mercury issues to their questionably big energy savings. (Direct … Continue reading

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Dumped CFLs declared an “Acute Crisis” by Minister in Europe

As earlier reported in December 2011 on the Freedom Light Bulb blog, and no doubt predictable for readers of this blog, it seems some politicians are actually waking up to the issues of dumped CFLs and mercury release… rather belatedly. … Continue reading

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