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This is a Shoe Story, Believe it or Not

                          Update 20 February The mentioned Virginia politician Bob Marshall is challenging the Richmond Times/Politifact article, and indeed challenging other denials regarding CFL mercury issues and what CFL … Continue reading

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Permaculture Paul Podcast

New podcast today by Paul Wheaton of Permaculture notoriety on light bulbs … (direct download of podcast, mp3 file). An environmentalist with an interesting take on light bulb issues as seen on the link list description here below on the … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Squiggly

      As on Freedom Light Bulb:   It is interesting to compare the light bulb debate in Europe and the United States. Some might say “What light bulb debate in Europe?”, and indeed that is part of the … Continue reading

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Light Bulb Regulation Testimonials

The comprehensive website Light Bulb Choice has a new testimonial section. The debate is often political in nature, but one should not forget the impact these and other society regulations can have on people. That includes the choice of what … Continue reading

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