The federal 2012 law makes it illegal to manufacture and import traditional incandescent light bulbs. Along with the many CFL programs around the country, it serves to push Americans to use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead, as the only practical alternative (more on this in the column to the right!). What then of CFL disposal? Improper disposal of compact fluorescent light bulbs is dangerous to your family and to the environment.  In some states it is illegal to put these light bulbs in your trash. It’s easy to dispose of them properly.  Just send them to your Senator or Congressman in Washington.  Or send them to the EPA. Not just the CFLs you haven’t used yet 😉 You might like to have a second look at your LEDs too…. Click here to find your Senator’s mailing address. Click here to find your Congressman’s mailing address. Or send your used light bulbs to EPA headquarters in Washington: Environmental Protection Agency Ariel Rios Building 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20460

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  1. peter dublin says:

    Glad to see someone else at this!

    I keep a long referenced – and updated- list why it’s wrong to ban light bulbs

    see http://www.ceolas.net/#li1x onwards

    Re CFL problems see particularly http://www.ceolas.net/#li15x onwards:
    Mercury problems see http://www.ceolas.net/#li19x

  2. BAN EUSSR says:

    If in Europe, shouldn’t we help save transportation energy by sending them to the European Commission, Brussels, their nearest representation, or any fluorescent bulb producing company. They all seem to be experts about handling these, don’t they?

    Have you been a good climate-saver? An early adopter? Have you eliminated any tungsten incandescent bulbs already? Thank you, this will help lower the cost of armament containing tungsten. Depleted uranium has gotten such a bad press lately. Guess how much “eco-dividend” tungsten could be put to good use fighting cleaner future wars! So do your part in protecting our soldiers better and cheaper: Help recycle tungsten! Simply put your broken “outdated and climate-killing” incandescent bulbs in the package as well. It’s a small effort for man, a great effect for mankind. Crush to save volume and postal rates.

    Put everything inside a gas-proof and shock-proof containment and pack thoroughly to protect postal workers and employees! Observe any postal regulations that may apply.

  3. peter dublin says:

    Added note about this website:

    I complained to Google that their “related links” at top of searches only showed ban supporting sites,
    and gave them some alternative suggestions,
    so now your site is up there as the alternative!



    I realize it’s good they picked you:
    A USA-focused active site,
    clearly there is more of a chance of achieving change in the USA than in the large wieldy EU,
    that has already agreed on a ban among all the states, although with a review as part of the phasing out process.

    In turn, if USA attitude can be changed, that will surely affect us in the EU
    – the EU in many ways models itself on the USA anyway, though of course few would say that openly.

    Keep up the good and impressive work!

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