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A View against Fluorescent Light Bulbs

  Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker: “The government deciding what kind of lightbulbs we can use (all you “think green” people, three objections to this b.s.: 1) Those bulbs give off the light of a candle; 2) They’re very expensive; … Continue reading

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LEDs have Problems Too!

  Update: A further extensive post on LED issues gone up on the Greenwashing Lamps blog, Lighting industry on LED issues basically comparing the 2009 promises with the 2012 delivery… The always readable and fact filled Greenwashing Lamps blog, had … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Criticism of Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Paul Wheaton is an interesting critic of the pushing of CFLs as replacement light bulbs, and indeed of the supposed necessity of restricting the use of simple incandescent light bulbs: He is a committed environmentalist, as seen from his permaculture … Continue reading

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New Study on CFL UV Radiation

  As has widely been reported, a recent study highlights the problem of UV radiation from compact fluorescent bulbs, albeit only at close quarters. It is therefore recommended that the squiggly tubes are enclosed in capsules for such use, as … Continue reading

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“Don’t Send Your Light Bulbs to Washington”

  Hey, squiggly CFLs can be attractive too…or at least less ugly… But don’t go picking this flower!         CFL Flower by Laura McNutt and Tracey Trumbull. Source  

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CFLs “All Fail” Study…

    Interesting last post on the blog. It concerns the need to review the already imposed ban in Europe, not least because of the low savings from banning simple incandescents, as also a UK Dept of Environment (DEFRA) … Continue reading

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Light Bulb Hell and Heaven… or vice versa…

Update: Having to take down the Flash app as embed in the post, dumb background music on it unfortunately, so is annoyingly present in archive listings of several posts etc. Not noticed before! Still, amusing enough, as described below…   … Continue reading

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The Hidden Energy Use of Fluorescent “Energy Saving” Bulbs

Common fluorescent “energy saving” bulbs, the CFLs, use more energy than might first be apparent. This is because of their so-called “power factor”. This is not the same as their power rating – and does not show up on home … Continue reading

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“Many Lights Make Handy Work” ;-)


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Update on Rik Gheysens CFL study

  Relating to the post May 17 Research Report: Mercury in Fluorescent Lighting, the author has let us know some recent news on his website (slight editing of the translation used):   May 2012   Website Test-Aankoop, May 24 2012: … Continue reading

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