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Update on Rik Gheysens CFL study

  Relating to the post May 17 Research Report: Mercury in Fluorescent Lighting, the author has let us know some recent news on his website (slight editing of the translation used):   May 2012   Website Test-Aankoop, May 24 2012: … Continue reading

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Research Report: Mercury in Fluorescent Lighting

Continuing on with the recent excellent additions to Howard Brandston’s website,, it links to an extensive study (alt link) by Rik Gheysens about mercury on fluorescent lighting, the preliminary report now being available, it will have a finalised version, … Continue reading

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Will CFLs and LEDs become Cheaper?

A lot of recent price criticism about the new $50 dollar Philips LED bulb, as in the Washington Post 7th March article – though in fairness the bulb no doubt has its useful qualities too. source: Ledinside But with this … Continue reading

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CFLs, Costly and Dangerous: Can Cause Fires, even Explosions

  Thank you to Light Bulb Choice for this! Their news post, in turn links to the Edmund Contoski authored document (pdf, from the Science & Public Policy Institute, alternative source link here).   Edited blog post copy: Compact Fluorescent … Continue reading

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Will your insurance pay for compact fluorescent light bulb mercury cleanup?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin. The amount of mercury is large enough that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published instructions on how to safely clean up a broken CFL bulb. Russell Longcore writes at … Continue reading

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Light bulb disposal expertise is on the rise in Congress

Congress has gone green, according to a story in USA Today.  The House of Representatives has switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Over 4,000 of these light bulbs have been installed in Senate buildings. So when we say your Senators … Continue reading

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How much would you pay to save the planet?

Waste Management Corporation’s “EarthMate” compact fluorescent light bulbs come in a postage-paid box so you can send them back for recycling after they’ve burned out. Included is a “Mercury VaporLok” container so that there will be no mercury spill if … Continue reading

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Are compact fluoresecent light bulbs really cheaper?

Proponents of compact fluorescent light bulbs claim they’re cheaper than incandescent light bubs, even though they cost more.  “The energy savings over the life of the bulb will more than make up for the expensive purchase price,” is the typical … Continue reading

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LED vs compact fluorescent light bulbs

LED light bulbs are as energy-efficient as compact fluorescent light bulbs, according to a study reported in the New York Times: Conducted by the Siemens Corporate Technology Centre for Eco Innovations (Siemens is the parent of Osram and Sylvania), the … Continue reading

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