CFLs, Costly and Dangerous: Can Cause Fires, even Explosions

  Thank you to Light Bulb Choice for this! Their news post, in turn links to the Edmund Contoski authored document (pdf, from the Science & Public Policy Institute, alternative source link here).   Edited blog post copy:
Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) Are Costly and Dangerous Can Cause Fires – Even Explosions! Table of Contents pg 03 Fires and Explosions from CFLs pg 04 The PROVEN Dangers of Mercury in CFLs pg 06 Other Hazardous Chemicals in CFLs pg 07 False Information on CFL Costs and Bulb Life pg 09 Recycling Costs, Health and Environmental Dangers pg 10 What About LEDs? pg 11 Other Problems pg 12 Is Government Really Smarter Than the Consumers?   Mercury—The danger is far greater than admitted. CFLs Save Money? — The numbers are false! CFL Bulb Life — Wildly exaggerated CFLs = Environmental Hazard   The latest recall: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on May 12, 2011 issued a recall order for sixteen models of Telstar and Electra brand CFLs in twelve different wattages: “Hazard: The light bulbs can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.” The recall order involved 317,000 light bulbs.
More about Ed Contoski’s work can be seen on Ceolas.netCFL life warranty  and  CFL fire risk  sections.  
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