Light Bulb Dangers

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is a hazardous material. These light bulbs are so dangerous that the Environmental Protection Agency has issued instructions on what to do if they break. This is scary stuff! On the same page, you’ll see what the EPA says you should never do in case of a mercury spill. You should never use a vacuum cleaner, use a broom, pour mercury down a drain, or wash clothes contaminated with mercury. If you toss one of these light bulbs in the waste basket and it breaks, you can create a dangerous health risk for your family. Light bulbs in your trash end up in land fills, and the cumulative impact from the mercury in large numbers of these bulbs could be terrible damage to our planet’s fragile ecosystem. Improper disposal of compact fluorescent light bulbs can also expose you to serious legal liability. Please, don’t throw your deadly compact fluorescent light bulbs in the trash.  It’s easy to dispose of them properly.  Send your light bulbs to Washington. Isn’t your family’s health worth the small postage cost?  Don’t you want to help save the planet from this environmental nightmare?  You’ll sleep better at night knowing your deadly mercury-containing light bulbs are with the experts in our nation’s capital.

3 Responses to Light Bulb Dangers

  1. Chynna says:

    Yes this is so stupid then why would stores put them out for sale!! if the goverment knows that they could hurt us and are familys are children!??! This is just the dumpest thing i dont like the way the goverment is handling things and something needs to be changed and im going to help start to change that!! ill be the one to put up flyers and start helping people stop buying theses! If they goverment cant find any other light bulbs to make that can help save and not kill are world!

  2. Julie says:

    So, how DO you clean up a broken bulb? It is fine to say “send them to washington,” but how do WE need to clean up broken ones?

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