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Will your insurance pay for compact fluorescent light bulb mercury cleanup?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin. The amount of mercury is large enough that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published instructions on how to safely clean up a broken CFL bulb. Russell Longcore writes at BestArticle.com: … Continue reading

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Dangerous misinformation about mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs

Proponents of compact fluorescent light bulbs often play down the fact that these light bulbs contain mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin.  For example, Cindi Hinton dishes out this nonsense on Examiner.com: They only contain 1.4 to 4 milligrams of mercury. That’s … Continue reading

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A good idea followed by a bad one

Richard Kaplan, the mayor of Lauderhill, Florida, had what he thought was a good idea to reduce his city’s lighting bill.  A story in the Sun Sentinel explains the idea: why not use federal stimulus dollars to pay for swapping … Continue reading

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Canada is wising up to the dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs

In the Vancouver Sun, Bronwyn Eyre explains: Nothing better illustrates an instance of the cure being worse than the disease than our rush to buy mercury-containing, compact fluorescent light bulbs. Demonizing the traditional light bulb as energy inefficient, we’re embracing … Continue reading

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