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September 30 is Send Your Light Bulbs To Washington Day!

Christopher Fountain at For What It’s Worth has this idea for disposing of used compact fluorescent light bulbs: if voters from all over the country sent them to Washington – how about September 30th? – anonymously, we’d shut down the … Continue reading

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Minnesota faces a huge mercury pollution problem from CFL bulbs

Mercury-laden compact fluorescent light bulbs will overwhelm recycling programs in Minnesota, according to Dave Dempsey at CleanTechnica.com: A surge in the number of mercury-bearing energy-efficient light bulbs in use in Minnesota is expected to overwhelm recycling programs in the next … Continue reading

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How much would you pay to save the planet?

Waste Management Corporation’s “EarthMate” compact fluorescent light bulbs come in a postage-paid box so you can send them back for recycling after they’ve burned out. Included is a “Mercury VaporLok” container so that there will be no mercury spill if … Continue reading

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Recycle or mutate!

Kate Kelly’s very informative Huffington Post piece about compact flourescent light bulbs tells us this: In 2008 industry experts reported that only 2 percent of all CFL bulbs were being recycled. Fluorescent bulbs that are not recycled go into the … Continue reading

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Where to recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs

The Environmental Protection Agency has a useful page on its web site:  “Mercury-Containing Light Bulb (Lamp) Collection and Recycling Programs Where You Live“. Recycling programs are not available in all areas. According to the EPA: Some household hazardous waste collection … Continue reading

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