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Manufacturers lie about compact fluorescent light bulbs

The European Union has admitted that compact fluorescent light bulbs aren’t as bright as traditional incandescent light bulbs, and that claims about the amount of light they produce are exaggerated, according to a report in the Telegraph: Buyers of the … Continue reading

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The great compact fluorescent light bulb hoax

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are portrayed as the savior of our planet by environmentalists.  But the European Union’s ban on using incandescent light bulbs will cut Britain’s yearly emissions of carbon dioxide by about 0.64%, according to New Scientist.  Since … Continue reading

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Michael Hanlon skewers light bulb Eurobureaucrats

A columnist for the UK’s Daily Mail, Michael Hanlon explains how foolish it is for European bureaucrats to ban incandescent light bulbs: It’s all so dispiriting — and so utterly illogical. For while no one disputes that we must all … Continue reading

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Bad light

Compact fluorescent light bulbs aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be, says Howard Brandston in today’s Wall Street Journal: The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 will effectively phase out incandescent light bulbs by 2012-2014 in favor of compact … Continue reading

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John Walsh stands up to light bulb Eurobureaucrats

Writer and commentator John Walsh says what lots of people are probably thinking about the European Union’s ban of incandescent light bulbs: From a week today I shall be a marked man. An outlaw. A renegade, beyond the reach of … Continue reading

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Beware Britain’s light bulb snoops

“The public have been asked to ‘snoop’ on shopkeepers who continue to sell traditional light bulbs banned by Europe,” reports the Telegraph: From September 1, it will be illegal to import conventional pearl or frosted bulbs of any shape or … Continue reading

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How much would you pay to save the planet?

Waste Management Corporation’s “EarthMate” compact fluorescent light bulbs come in a postage-paid box so you can send them back for recycling after they’ve burned out. Included is a “Mercury VaporLok” container so that there will be no mercury spill if … Continue reading

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CFL light bulbs are making a terrible mercury pollution problem even worse

An Associated Press story about mercury pollution in the United States has this shocking news: No fish can escape mercury pollution. That’s the take-home message from a federal study of mercury contamination released Wednesday that tested fish from nearly 300 … Continue reading

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Recycle or mutate!

Kate Kelly’s very informative Huffington Post piece about compact flourescent light bulbs tells us this: In 2008 industry experts reported that only 2 percent of all CFL bulbs were being recycled. Fluorescent bulbs that are not recycled go into the … Continue reading

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Dangerous misinformation about mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs

Proponents of compact fluorescent light bulbs often play down the fact that these light bulbs contain mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin.  For example, Cindi Hinton dishes out this nonsense on Examiner.com: They only contain 1.4 to 4 milligrams of mercury. That’s … Continue reading

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