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Where to recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs

The Environmental Protection Agency has a useful page on its web site:  “Mercury-Containing Light Bulb (Lamp) Collection and Recycling Programs Where You Live“. Recycling programs are not available in all areas. According to the EPA: Some household hazardous waste collection … Continue reading

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Canadian eco-terrorists target the United States

The Star-Ledger in New Jersey reports what looks like just another feel-good story about eco-nuts giving away free compact fluorescent light bulbs in a misguided attempt to save the planet: A group of Bloomfield environmentalists will knock on township doors … Continue reading

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MySchoolLights.com uses innocent children as light bulb shills

A company called MySchoolLights.com is using innocent children to sell dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs!  Oh, the shame! MySchoolLights.com even spreads propaganda to children through their schools: Our CFL fundraisers stress the educational aspects of switching to CFLs for both … Continue reading

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More disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is a dangerous and hazardous material.  But that’s not the only reason not to like them.  Gomestic.com lists some of the other disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs: CFLs evolve and newer models … Continue reading

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Compact fluorescent light bulb madness spreads to India

Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India.  It has a population of over 190,000,000. The Times of India reports that the Uttar Pradesh state government has banned the use of incandescent light bulbs in all government buildings and mandated … Continue reading

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Why send used CFL light bulbs to Washington?

Why should you send your used compact fluorescent light bulbs to Washington?  Because Washington is forcing you to use these dangerous and inferior bulbs. An editorial in the New Haven Register explains: The bulb that has lighted American homes for … Continue reading

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LED vs compact fluorescent light bulbs

LED light bulbs are as energy-efficient as compact fluorescent light bulbs, according to a study reported in the New York Times: Conducted by the Siemens Corporate Technology Centre for Eco Innovations (Siemens is the parent of Osram and Sylvania), the … Continue reading

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Stay away from South Africa!

Here’s some unsettling news from South Africa, via Independent Online: Each compact flurorescent lightbulb (CFL) contains between 5mg and 30mg of highly toxic mercury which makes them an environmental hazard when they are dumped. Currently there is no recycling plant … Continue reading

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Don’t drink the water!

We’ve written that compact fluorescent light bulbs pollute trillions of gallons of water.  But how much water is that?  NaturalNews.com puts these figures in perspective: …the 30,000 pounds of mercury thrown away in compact fluorescent light bulbs each year is … Continue reading

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America is still oblivious to light bulb dangers

Awareness of the dangers from compact fluorescent light bulbs isn’t what it should be.  How should people dispose of these dangerous light bulbs?  This issue recently came before a committee of the Aiken County Council in South Carolina, according to … Continue reading

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